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"I’ve Always Been Fascinated
By Energy & It’s Effects."

With Well Over 500 Books Read...

On personal development, success, leadership, business & spirituality, I started to notice a theme…
Your environment (more specifically, the energy derived from your environment)
is the major link between success & struggling.

Good Energy = Good Environment = Life Of Prosperity
Bad Energy = Bad Environment = Life Of Struggle

Armed with this insight, I started down the path of learning Feng Shui
and even hired two Feng Shui consultants to get me the results I so desired in my life.

However, I knew that there was more to Feng Shui than a one-size-fits-all solution.
After all, not everyone has the same star sign. We’re each unique, have different needs,
and of course, operate in different environments.

For example, every person has four strong and four weak directions - based on your birthday.

This forced me to go many layers deeper to find the solution I was searching for.

As A Result, My Approach Is Different Than Most “Experts” Out There

After studying both the Eastern and Western style Feng Shui,
I chose to pursue the Western style - the ancient and complex Chinese Compass Style Feng Shui,
due to the precise mathematical science behind it.

I Love The Intellectual Process.

"My Leverage Is In Helping Top Performers And Leaders
Because In Turn, They Have The Capacity To Influence More."

Western style Feng Shui is numerical, intelligent, very specific -
and most importantly, custom tailored to you, the individual.

Energy is measurable and can be raised.
This boost in turn affects the surrounding environment.

But get this…

If you raise the energy in your house to say, 144, it affects 144 people in your area.
Your house essentially becomes a lighthouse - you’re raising the energy of your whole neighbourhood!

Like Attracts Like.

I care about people getting big results - especially the influencers.

If you’re a leader, an influencer, top performer or
on your way to success and want that extra boost, let’s connect.

"My home feels like a sanctuary again..."

"I can definitively say that the energy shift from Jaime’s work and commitment to my space has been felt all around.

Having a clearer (and uncluttered) home space – energetically and literally – has given me greater peace of mind and my home feels like a sanctuary again; something I didn’t realize I had missed until I had re-experienced it.

Brilliant work Jaime.

Thank you immensely for your caring and committed impact on my home."

- Derrick

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